Jul 17 2008


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If you believe as we do that the 12.9-mile corridor of the Upper Housatonic River from south Pittsfield to north Lee is an area of unique and special significance and that it is a natural and cultural resource worthy of protection and preservation, please help us save the river.

There are several easy ways to help.

1.) Contribute. The groups that have joined together to nominate the Upper Housatonic ACEC are already financially stretched doing the great work they do to protect our environment. This effort costs money.

A simple click of the button below enables you to help us all to save the river we love.

Or you can send a check to:
Save The Housatonic
P. O. Box 501
Great Barrington, MA 01230

2. Email Ian Bowles, Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs.
Email Secretary Bowles to express your support of the Upper Housatonic ACEC Nomination. We are in the process of developing a simple email form for you to use. Please check back shortly.

3.) Please call or email your representatives to tell them that creating the Upper Housatonic ACEC matters to you.

U.S. Representative John W. Olver – (413) 442-0946 or (202) 225-5335.

State Senator Benjamin B. Downing – (413) 442-4008 or (617) 772-1625.
Email: Benjamin.Downing@state.ma.us

State Representative Denis E. Guyer – (413) 684-0033 or (617) 722-2460.
Email: DenisGuyer@hou.state.ma.us

State Representative William “Smitty” Pignatelli – (413) 637-0631 or (617) 722-2582.
Email: Rep.SmittyPignatelli@hou.state.ma.us

State Representative Christopher N. Speranzo – (413) 447-7225 or (617) 722-2080.
Email: Rep.ChristopherSperanzo@hou.state.ma.us

4.) Please take a moment to write the Berkshire Eagle.
Email: letters@berkshireeagle.com

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